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A child assessment answers one or more of these questions:

  •  Is my child ready to enter school? 

  •  Why is my child performing poorly in school?

  •  Does my child have attentional issues, such as ADHD?

  •  Does my child understand social skills?

  •  Why is my child acting-out at home and/or in school?

  •  How can my child overcome fear and anxiety?

  •  Are my child's irritability and withdrawal signs of depression? 


 Evaluation Procedure

1.  Questionnaires completed by parents provide information about the child’s medical, educational and social history, along with current symptoms and concerns.  

2.   A subsequent in-depth interview enables the psychologist and parents to discuss the reason for referral, review the child’s history, and establish goals for the assessment.  

3.   Behavior rating questionnaires filled out by parents and teachers address how the child’s functions at home and in school.  

4.  By observing a child at home or in school and consulting with teachers, the psychologist obtains on-site information.

5.   Two or three individual sessions with the child (based on the child’s age) comprise a clinical interview and emotional screening.

6.  The psychologist diagnoses the child’s psychological needs and, if appropriate, recommends a full psychological and educational evaluation.

7.  This evaluation ends with a feedback session with parents to discuss findings, teacher and parent interventions.  



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