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What is coaching?

Coaching is a service that enables a client to identify her needs, formulate them as concrete objectives and then develop and successfully complete a series of steps to fulfill them. The coach and client engage in coaching sessions via telephone (there is no need for face–to-face meetings) typically on a weekly basis.   


Who will benefit?

Coaching is especially suitable for adults and teenagers who do not suffer from emotional illness but who can profit from professional help in reaching their goals or attaining a sense of well-being.


What is Dr. Spiegel's coaching specialty?

Dr. Spiegel specializes in coaching women who want to succeed in dating, improve their parenting, or change marital and family relationships.


How does a life coach differ from a friend?

There are fundamental differences between coaching and receiving encouragement and advice from a friend.  Firstly, while a trustworthy friend may pick up on and respond to surface issues, the coach understands what is going on with the client on a deeper level and therefore can identify the client’s true needs.  Secondly, unlike a friend, the coach is able to hold the client accountable for implementing the changes necessary to reach her stated goals.


Are coaching and therapy the same?

Coaching is not “telephone therapy” and does not substitute for psychotherapeutic treatment for identifiable mental health disorders.  While a therapy client seeks treatment for emotional problems, a coaching client is a healthy individual who seeks to attain important life goals.  Therapy requires the license of a mental health professional; coaching can be done by anyone after a “quickie” life coaching course.  Therefore, it is prudent to carefully select the coach according to the quality of the coach’s training and years of experience.


What is group coaching?

A coaching group is conducted via teleconference phone calls to a group of pre-registered clients.  These groups vary in size from small to large, cost less than individual sessions, and provide a unique opportunity for women in geographically diverse areas to “meet” and support each other.  The agenda for each group depends on the needs of its participants and, while the group is interactive, the coach guides the discussion to enable each participant get the most out of the group. 

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