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These are just a few of the many expressions of appreciation sent by clients to Dr. Spiegel through the years.


My husband and I want to thank you and sincerely express our appreciation to you for being the right "shaliach" in our journey of trying to help our son.  Many professionals had seen him over the years, yet not one of them suggested this diagnosis to us.  We appreciate your sensitivity when informing us of your findings, in conjunction with your encouraging words that “we can do this!”   ~ CS


My son is completely freed of his issues.  With your advice and encouragement he is doing beautifully in school and seems to be much happier.  Thank you.  ~ EG


Thank you for helping my daughter do well in school.  She feels happy and proud.  ~ SM


As the day of my wedding draws near,

I remember all the dear people who were there.

Along the way you helped me achieve

My dreams and hopes you helped me receive!  ~ FG


My family was going through a rough time adjusting to having three teenagers - all living under one roof! Dr. Spiegel was very goal oriented and encouraging. She made a tremendous difference in my metamorphosis to being a mother of young adults.  ~ PS


I'm C's mother.  I want to tell you how grateful I am for the tremendous work you're doing with her.  She is so calm and happy and open, and just a pleasure to be around.  It's amazing to see the growth she's been doing. Thank you so much. ~ RB




I want you to know how much you helped me when I was in over my head.  Not only did you help me immediately but you taught me skills and made me aware in ways that have continued my enlightenment about myself and others throughout the years since I last saw you.  ~ RE


Thank you for helping me change what I could and accept what I cannot.  ~ BD


When things aren’t black and white you have that special knack to understand the inside and bring out what’s hidden.  You sense what’s needed and with wisdom you go for it with that special sparkle in your eyes.  You know how to untie knots and find a unique way to reach your clients.  ~ RT


Thank you for your devotion, support and above all expertise.  ~ DF


You've helped me make great changes to my life this past year, changes that I couldn't have made without your guidance and support. These changes have not only made my own life better and more meaningful but have spread out to the people around me. Keep up the good work. ~ SM

Individual Coaching

I started the coaching process since I was having a lot of behavioral issues with my daughter. Dr. Spiegel was a terrific coach. We started with building a relationship between my daughter and me; then we worked on several behaviors. The best part was Dr. Spiegel enabling me to become independent, confident, and comfortable making my own decisions.  ~ MP

Through Dr. Spiegel’s sensitive direction I became aware of issues that were previously not verbalized and consequently not dealt with. I learned to face these problems and, with her insightful feedback, come to terms with them in an honest and meaningful way. SF

It is very worthwhile to speak to a true professional in a non-threatening, friendly way, to discuss and address any issues that might be going on in one’s personal life.  Dr. Mona was helpful and encouraging and I recommend the coaching process to anyone who feels they need some insight and guidance. SS

Dr. Spiegel's coaching sessions have been a valuable experience for me. Her intelligent and insightful perspective has made her an excellent listener and coach. The coaching sessions have positively affected my relationships with family members and business associates. Through my coaching sessions I have learned skills that have changed my attitudes and improved the quality of my life. JB

Group Coaching

I truly enjoyed the coaching group. I was able to get excellent information about my child's development and learned so much from the other women in the group. Dr. Spiegel has a special combination of clear objectivity along with the warmth and caring we need to help us grow.  ~ MC


I learned a lot of practical tips from the coaching group. It was informative, interactive and non-judgmental. ~ LI

In her friendly and easygoing manner, Dr. Spiegel guides us, raises our awareness of many issues and offers valuable advice. The coaching group was really beneficial!  ~ TR

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