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Nonverbal Learning Disorder in Children

You know him. He's the one sitting on the side during recess, watching rather than playing with his classmates. He's awkward, always bumping into things.

She's the one who makes foolish remarks when she's with friends. She'll say something that is exaggerated or irrelevant to the topic at hand. Her handwriting is illegible and she hates math.

Such children suffer in school and out. They're labeled "nerds," described as "strange." They try to fit in, but they don't worse yet, the more they try, the more they fail. Their self-esteem drops, they feel rejected and lonely, and are at risk for emotional problems.

The cause of their problems is a little-known learning disability called Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD). This disability is often unrecognized because those who have it may be verbally precocious. Their social awkwardness may lead parents and educators to presume the children are "lazy" or immature; therapists to perceive a problem with parenting.

Tomorrow: The Characteristics of Nonverbal Learning Disorder

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