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Ode to Parents

Do you feel guilty over the past? Do you ruminate over actions or inactions, temper outbursts or apathy? You are not alone! Join the millions of parents who feel the same way, as we torture ourselves for what we did or should have done, what we said and how we said it, or our absence - physical or mental - when our presence was called for. We who have birthed and borne children are accountable for not only our, but also their, mistakes. We feel judged, maligned (all too rarely, praised) and found wanting.

Well, I am here to applaud and join you in the Parade of Parents who march throughout the centuries. We've tried our best to follow in - or overcome - our own parents' footsteps. Nobody prepared or trained us; we took on this job without the necessary credentials, and we took it on for life. So here's to you, my fellow travelers! Bruised and berated, we still forge ahead in the hope that the past will be forgiven and we are now - or will be - loved and respected. Are you already there? If so, count yourself blessed. You have passed the parenting test.


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