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Parents are Forever

For better or worse, your parents are forever. Alive or dead, they stay in your head. They influence your actions and, when the past is triggered by current events, your reactions. If you're lucky, then you had a blessed childhood and your present is a happy reflection of the past. If not, you may have needed therapy to help you get to where you are today. But the effects remain. Don't despair when others tell you to "get over it" and "move on." You may be able to do so, some or possibly most of the time. But when you're not feeling well, or you're under emotional stress, your walls will come tumbling down and you may feel the same annoyance, disappointment, or even shame that you felt 20 or more years ago. It's okay. You can learn to be mindful of your feelings and take charge of them. Awareness is everything.


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